Exederm Review

by ablue

John Gardiner, President of Bentlin Products, LLC, kindly sent us a free sample of Exederm Flare Up cream, which the National Eczema Association awarded Exederm their Seal of Acceptance. Here are the results of our week long test.

Orion used the cream on his face, a frequently irritated spot, and didn’t notice a difference. I couldn’t touch his face after he used it because of the relatively high citric acid content. It makes my face sting a little just to smell it, so of course I didn’t try actually putting it on. Also, it contains hydrocortisone, which I try to avoid like the plague.

Now the important thing to remember with this product is that it’s for mild eczema, and no one in our household is that lucky. Orion has moderate, and I have severe.

But I would like to thank John Gardiner for sending us a sample, especially after his offer was trapped in the purgatory of Spam Filter for a few months. I appreciate it, and we’re always happy to investigate new treatment options.