Great Things Come From Cupcakes

by ablue

Yesterday I was contemplating the chain events that got to the happy spot I’m in.

Sunday, summer, 1999.

Bill Steele sent me for cupcakes.

Ran into Greg, told me to try PlanetOut.

I did, and met Sammy.

She introduced me to Amy, who told me about the corn syrup diet, which has completely changed my life. [2001]

Amy also introduced me to DeviantArt, where I met Erin. [2002]

Erin introduced me to Orion. [2003]

Orion and I started dating, and this continues to be awesome. [2004]

He introduced me to Kevin, and the robot hobby, and I’ve been infected since.

Out of the robot hobby came the robot club, where I’ve met several awesome people.

Great things come from cupcake runs.