Getting Down On Your Immune System

by ablue

Immunosuppressants can be dangerous, please be careful when using them. This includes Protopic and Elidel, which have had the alarming results of an increase in skin cancer and non-Hodgkins lymphoma among their users.  [This means you Chris!]

Please read the directions on your medication and follow them accordingly. These ointments suppress your immune system. It’s like giving sleeping pills to an over-reactive guard dog. It can be useful, but you don’t want to do it all the time.

For the record I have used Protopic, but only to stop the cycle of a major outbreak, and only for two weeks. The dermatologist explained the cancer warnings to me so I applied it sparingly. It worked excellently for me, but I also had learn to be careful with it.

The instructions said to not touch anyone after using the ointment unless I had washed my hands, and I forgot to, and handed something to my mother. She had a red burning rash on her palm for the next few hours.