Knitting Love Letter

by ablue

Although it’s unorthodox to talk about knitting so much on a blog highlighting eczema for me it is appropriate. Since I took up the craft again my skin has improved for a few reasons.

  1. The wool smooths the dry skin on my fingers and they break out less.
  2. It’s impossible to knit and scratch at the same time, I’ve tried.
  3. When I’m working on a complicated pattern – such as lace work – I’m oblivious to rest of the world and my eczema.
  4. Completing a challenging piece is a great feeling. And it seems that the better my self-esteem is the less I scratch.

wildIf I’m listening to my mother’s update to a distressing situation I usually start scratching without realizing it, but if I’m knitting I don’t. If O and I are watching a movie at some point he’ll usually grab my hand to stop me from scratching, unless I’m knitting. Then he just has to dodge the needle ends or my elbows 😉 And it’s a great feeling when you’re cold to pick up something you knit and be warmed by it.

In light of all this, I’ll be adding some knitting links to the sidebar and will occasionally have posts about the craft. I don’t want to create a blog solely for knitting because I don’t do it that much anymore, and it’s hard to find time to maintain this one by itself.