Pies and Marshmallow

by ablue

My mother’s pie crust is perfect, really. Flaky, not too moist, not too dry, not too sweet. All her pies are fabulous, but my favorite is her lemon meringue. She grinds the lemons and peels to give the filling real kick and bite, and whips the meringue from scratch as well. I can sense, literally, when she begins preparing lemons for this pie because my face will break out from the citrus in the air. She tried to convince me to stop eating the pies, but I wouldn’t – they’re so delicious, and so now she doesn’t make them unless I’m on vacation. I asked her why and she said “I can’t stand to see you in pain like that, so you’ll just have to do without lemon meringue.”

Almost all marshmallows now have corn syrup of some variety in them, even if they’re labeled ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. This means no marshmallow topped sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving for me. Miraculously, this year my mom found an old recipe for marshmallows that has no corn syrup! Besides sweet potatoes, that means I can have s’mores again!