6 Life-Saving Food Allergy Tips

by ablue

From CNN. Here’s the short run down:

  1. Take a Test – Bear in mind there are several kinds and they are not always accurate. As a child they said I was not allergic to apples [though I am] but I was allergic to horse hair [though I don’t sneeze around horses].
  2. Medicine Kit – Such as an EpiPen or possibly Benadryl.
  3. Kitchen – Watch out for cross contamination.
  4. Food shopping – Read every single little label, even if it’s something you’ve bought before. It’s even more interesting if you look up the ingredients later and find out what exactly what they are.
  5. Restaurants – Sometimes checking the menu isn’t enough. An allergy card [the link is an interactive .pdf] can be very helpful for the waiting staff. One method is to have the waiter take it to the chef to find out what you can eat from the menu – for me there tend to be one or two items.
  6. Air Travel – Especially because of the peanuts.