What I Don’t Want

by ablue

Or bad presents for eczema sufferers, and the usual explanations that accompany them.

Polyester scarf “But it’s so pretty” And itchy. Receipt please?

Scented lotion “Well I know your skin is always dry, so I thought this would help.” This one really gets me. It isn’t just dry, it’s arid and sharp. We’re talking about something that makes Lubriderm run and hide in impotence. Lavender scented lotion is going to clear that up?

Super fluffy socks “They’re really soft so they should make your skin feel better.” They’re soft to you. To me, their texture is cloying. The closest fabric gets to feeling good on my skin is when it’s non-irritating, and microfiber does not fill that bill.

A Chocolate Orange “Well, it’s chocolate, and doesn’t have corn syrup.” You do get points for remembering the corn syrup part, but – Orange. As in citrus. Another allergy.

Earrings “They’re so pretty -“ I hardly ever wear earrings, since the only metals I’m not allergic to are copper, titanium and platinum.

The basic rule is that anything that touches the skin can cause a reaction. So what’s your best shot?


Find out what presents they dread every year. Or, take them shopping and pay attention to their reactions when they touch things.

A present the receiver is allergic to is a waste of your time, energy, and money. It’s also a waste of space for them. Every year I end up with a small pile of things that I can’t use and have to figure out what to do with. At that point I’d rather just have a hug and a great conversation.