A Logic Exercise

by ablue

Everyone has ‘learned behaviors’ from their family. The worst thing that I picked up was to eat something and then have an anxiety attack that what I ate would make me sick. And of course, when you have an anxiety attack you feel sick, and then I wouldn’t want to eat that food again. I realized the pattern when I ate french bread one night and felt ill – now that was wrong. French bread? what could be more safe for me?

Somehow I had to break myself of the unhealthy habit and I worked out a little Logic Exercise that helps a lot. After years of doing this I’m happily at the point where whenever I have acid reflux I know it’s because I was anxious and ate too fast, but on bad days I still do the Logic Exercise to help me calm down.

1 – Eat food
2 – Begin to feel sick, and then panicky
3 – Make sure no one’s nearby, usually step into the restroom
4 – Close my eyes and take a deep breath while forcing myself to think of nothing
5 – Still without thinking, I place my hands on any areas that ache or are uncomfortable
6 – Opening my eyes and looking down at where my hands are I critically decide what the real issue is.

For example, if the very center of my forehead hurts that is not food poisoning, that means I haven’t drunk enough water. If my chest is tight below my collar bones that means I’m thinking too hard about something, and if my stomach hurts it’s because I ate too much. I’ve only had food poisoning once, and it was a strange combination of the ingredients being past their date and something I was allergic to.

Once I know what’s actually happening I feel much better, and can easily push the Twit voice in my head to the side.