Arrival in Candyland

by ablue

The new apartment is excellent, I love it. Big rooms with lots of sunshine, the kind that isn’t too bright and is perfect for stretching out and reading. Everything in the place is functional and much of it is new, and it’s walking distance from all the essential things in town. The area is a bit different from where I grew up [now called WIGU], but the part that’s really getting me is that people are so nice! And happy! And most intriguingly of all – they’re not faking it!

  • The first morning we were in our apartment we went to the local grocer, a really cool spot [they had vinyl gloves with thick cotton liners – which will make cleaning immensely easier on my hands! but anyway…] And at 8 in the morning most people don’t really want to be at work, but almost every employee we passed was singing and smiling, many of them together.
  • I’ve been taking the bus to work, and there’s a group of people who’ve been commuting together for years that I fell in with. Within three days we knew each other’s names, jobs, and some hobbies. The conversation is relaxed and not silly ‘small talk’. I feel accepted without having to prove anything, except that I can make polite conversation – that’s a very different criteria from WIGU.
  • When I get off the bus in the evening two ladies from the commuter group, and the bus driver, all tell me to have a great night, it was nice to see me, and see you tomorrow!
  • Yesterday I popped into a Mexican flower shop, I’ve heard great things about it and it has a lot of personality, and they made it very simple for me to buy a bouquet of sunflowers and mums. In WIGU, it would’ve taken at least 15 minutes of someone trying to convince me I wanted something else.
  • After flower shopping I stopped in the park, and there were couples people-watching, kids flirting, and toddlers racing.
  • When it rains people are excited that the plants will bloom.