Shuffling, errata

by ablue

Next week I’m moving to a new apartment, county, and phase of my relationship with O. Luckily the move coincides with my vacation time. Most people I know hate moving house, but I’m really looking forward to it. I enjoy heavy lifting, sorting and culling possessions, and organizing things in a new space. The new apartment has a large balcony so I plan on growing some daises, moss and herbs. The place is very close to all sorts of interesting things, but one in particular is a Reconstructionist synagogue. While my preference is Reform, how can I argue with a place I can walk to on Shabbat? So I’m going to try it out next week. And most importantly – on 9/5 I will be able to actually have Shabbat in my own home! It makes me tear up.

Last night the Mishkan t’filah, a Reform Siddur, arrived in the mail. I ordered it back in May but it’s been so popular that the first printing sold out very quickly, and the second before it was even released. It’s a beautiful large book and I read and prayed from it last night, it felt much better than ‘winging it’.

One of my Jewish friends asked me if I’m going to put a mezuzah in the door. I would love to but I’m really not sure if I’m allowed to, and I can’t find a definitive answer on the internet. It seems to the person to ask would be a rabbi, especially since you would need one for the blessing, if it is permissible.

I did some family research and finally found the relative on my father’s side who first immigrated to the USA. His name was Jacob and he and his brothers Leopold and Rudolph arrived in New York from Prussia. They were from Frankfurt (Oder) and left because of anti-Semitism. And they were Reform Jews. My mom is excited about the discovery, and my dad is in denial; he was hoping that his ancestors were Christian.