Things As They Stand

by ablue

My skin has been flaring up in the heat but in an odd way; I have pimples spotting my torso and face. It’s quite different and I don’t really mind because they don’t hurt like weeping eczema does. O’s scalp is doing better than it was, but is still very dry. Ironically, my little [21 years] sister E, who has never had sympathy for ‘ugly diseases’, has had a breakout on her feet for the past month. Standard blisters, weeping and then calcification, but in her mind she is suddenly hideous. The doctor told her that she needs to stop wearing rubber flip flops, because she’s allergic to them, but she’s chosen to ignore that suggestion.

A few weeks ago my uncle gave me a family heirloom; a red leather antique chair. After sitting in it a moment I fell in love, and that motivated me to create a spot for it in my room. This involves going through a few wooden chests and several boxes and sorting out what I want to keep and what I don’t, and reorganizing everything. I’ve thrown out a lot of things already,  but the cleaning continues. I know it’s cliche, but – it’s amazing what you can accumulate in 20 years without knowing it. That fact has me wanting to get rid of any possessions that aren’t necessary or sentimental.

Yesterday I paid down my debt to $1,680 and raised my savings account to $200. It’s a great start. I’m feeling more optimistic about money right now because I’m not as tempted to spend it. There are dolls that are pretty, purses that are gorgeous, challah boards that are tempting, but I’m hellbent on moving out.

Originally I planned to finish a photoshop certificate course this fall semester. Yesterday I discovered that the class is only offered on tuesdays from 9am-Noon, in a different county. So I’m going to wait until Spring 2009 when I can easily commute there and then work in the afternoon. I’m disappointed that I have to wait, I’m feeling very optimistic about school, but it’s something to look forward to!

I’m trying to stay optimistic through a deep depression.