Dry Heat and Yellow Pages

by ablue

Summer is finally here and my skin is coping alright so far. My fingers are swelling and oozing, but my scalp is the worst off, since I can’t really put moisturizer on it. My left inner elbow is flaring as well.

In an effort to spend less money I’ve been playing WoW and reading more of the books I already have.

Yesterday I was walking through one of our bookcase hallways and the name “Chaim Potok” leapt out at me. I stopped and pulled it off the shelf; a yellowed 1975 paperback copy of In the Beginning. I read My Name is Asher Lev and Davita’s Harp last summer, and finished The Gift of Asher Lev about a month ago. In the Beginning starts wonderfully, with a simple but striking line;

“All beginnings are hard.”

I’m also still reading Michael Strassfeld’s A Book of Life. I began it in October when Rabbi Noa Kushner told me to buy it, 1) because she loves it and 2) because it’s one of the books used in the conversion class. It’s so full and enjoyable that I’m intentionally taking my time with it, and much of it is underlined in pencil.