Non-Review Review: Hair Off Mittens

by ablue

Back in high school, about 12 years ago, I used Hair Off Mittens instead of shaving my legs.

They’re little tubes of super fine grade sandpaper that you use to gently rub off hair and dead skin. It was a little irritating but didn’t cause a giant rash like razors do. Since my local drugstore doesn’t carry them anymore I ordered some, hoping to provide you with a review and possibly a picture of the results. I received them in the mail and will not be trying them.

Although the front of the package says “No Chemicals” it also states “Cucumber Melon Scent”. Last I checked anything with a physical presence has a chemical composition; including fragrance.

If I were were willing to sacrifice my comfort for the sake of science I’d try them, and take pictures, but I’m being selfish and keeping my skin intact.

I’ve e-mailed the company, simply to let them know that I disappointed that I can no longer use the product, and thus keep them informed that a small portion of their customer base doesn’t want their limbs to smell like a produce aisle. In the meantime, I wish I knew what grade sandpaper the mittens are made of so that I could order some from the hardware store.