Pubmed – Research Resource

by ablue

Pubmed is a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health and very useful to anyone with a little curiosity and time. After 20 minutes of hunting on the first day I discovered information on the following.

  • Polysensitivity – patients with multiple contact allergies
  • UV light sensitivity in patients with atopic dermatitus “The compromised skin barrier in AD is especially vulnerable to UV radiation exposure.”
  • AD: Genetics or environment? “Recently, it was demonstrated that Filaggrin (=filament-aggregating protein, FL) is a major gene for atopic eczema.”

These are exciting to me because it proves that people are giving eczema attention and are trying to discover as much as they can about it, unlike what I’ve always been told by dermatologists – “It isn’t fatal, so it’s not a priority.” I’m also happy to hear that someone has actually figured out what genetic happenstance is involved in eczema.