Review of 3 Seventh Generation Products

by ablue

Natural All Purpose Cleaner, Facial Tissues, and Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid

Item: Natural All Purpose Cleaner
Experience: My bathtub is difficult to keep clean, everything sticks to it, and I can’t use Clorox or anything like it so I was excited about this product. I sprayed down the tub, let it sit for a few minutes and rinsed it down. I did that three times over 15 minutes and the tub was almost like new! A few days later I filled the tub to take a bath and realized that I hadn’t rinsed all of the cleaner out. So I didn’t take a bath, but the water didn’t hurt my skin any more than water usually does. On other surfaces this cleans great as well, with a little more patience than standard chemical cleaners, and leaves almost no smell whatsoever.

Item: Facial Tissues, 2 ply, 85 each
Experience: I chose these for O because he has allergies, but jumped for the ‘free-of-everything’ type so that I can use them as well. At first these were very difficult to remove from the box because they were so tightly packed. After a couple dozen were removed it was easy though. My nose loves them – no lotion, no fragrance. They aren’t super thick, or very soft, but they work great.

Item: Natural Laundry Detergent Liquid, Free & Clear – 50 fl oz
Experience: No allergic reaction! The clothes come out smelling like fabric and nothing else, very impressive. They’re softer than with my regular detergent, Synthrapol, and I’ll keep buying this product in the future. *EDIT* It appears that this original formula has been discontinued and now they only offer the concentrated version. I haven’t tried it yet but read several reviews that it removed a lot of dye from black clothes, so I’ll get some and test it.

Decision: I highly recommend these products and will buy them again in the future. Next time I have a chance I think I’ll be trying their New Fabric Softener as well. [I can’t remember the last time I was able to use fabric softener…]