by ablue

When I was 18 months old my mother had my ears pierced. She would change the earrings every day, and had at least a dozen cute little sets (dinosaurs, cupcakes, flowers) until I was about 8. For some reason I can’t remember she stopped forcing me to wear earrings, and since they had always made my lobes swell and itch I stopped wearing them. As a teenager I would try a pair now and then, but still had the allergic reaction. Gold, pewter, silver, “stainless steel”. A couple years ago someone suggested titanium and I miraculously found a pair. The holes in my ears were still mostly open, but so unused to penetration that they bled a bit. However, my ears didn’t hurt, so the quest for titanium earrings was on. A few weeks ago I stumbled on Skin-Etc. which has a few styles of titanium earrings in several different colors. Today I ordered ruby studs, hoops, and some hooks that you can use to replace french hooks. They’re produced by Blumdahl Medical who also make nose and plastic piercings for people with allergies. I’ll post reviews of the earrings when they arrive.

Seventh Generation product reviews forthcoming.