Sugar High

by ablue

My mother found some pre-made bread dough that didn’t have corn syrup, so she made cinnamon rolls. They were delicious and I must admit I lost control and ate 6, or more… I lost track.

The important thing is that my face is breaking out now. My cheeks feel like someone’s stabbing needles through them. So – what am I reacting to? I think between the copious amounts of chocolate yesterday and the plate of cinnamon buns today, and all the ice cream in between, my system is overdosed on sugar. I get a certain rash on my cheeks on holidays and after thinking about it the only difference in my diet at those times is the extra sugar. I had blocked out forgotten exactly the way I feel when I break my diet. Besides the sensation of needles, which make me want to tear off all the skin, I have an attractive red bumpy face. I feel lethargic and queer like the flu is about to hit me, except not quite. I think I’ll take a vacation tomorrow so I can get all this out of my system and stop snapping at my innocent coworkers.