BBC Eczema Article + Review

by ablue

Bath products ‘can treat eczema’. Despite the title there is still disagreement about it, which points out the old rule; even with the same disease everyone’s skin is different.

I tried something new for lunch today, the delicious Amy’s Organic Black Bean Vegetable soup. Their inspiration was a soup in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and this is probably the most Mexican black bean soup I’ve ever eaten from a US company. Astonishingly it has no tomatoes! Amy’s also makes excellent pizza by the way, I’m notoriously addicted to their Pesto.

P.S. A few hours after eating the soup I feel very sick in the way I do with an allergic reaction 😦 Maybe it was the corn, though I tried to avoid it, but I haven’t eaten anything else unusual today. I hate eating something that’s technically perfectly healthy and becoming ill afterwards. It’s very frustrating to never know what’s safe to eat or not. …this is why I eat certain french breads, ice creams and yogurts – I can rely on them to not make me sick.