Old Path

by ablue

There were a few little spots breaking out on my left shoulder. I picked at them of course. Kept picking at them. Now the skin is beginning to feel like lichenification. When I was a teenager I had that across my shoulders and upper back, all over my chest and arms. It was so thick, sharp, dry and horrible that my friends would joke that I was a molting dragon, to try to cheer me up. But I still felt like a monster.I know it’s a waste of time but sometimes I envy people who can use cosmetics, lotion and perfume. Have the option of wearing it. Envy having the choice of using Vicks VapoRub – the one time my mother put that on my chest it burned and burned, and the skin boiled up, and no matter how we washed it that night the burning and the boiling wouldn’t stop. I still can’t look at those jars without shuttering. Just smelling perfume and lotion can make my skin hurt, especially if it’s citrus based. I hate my skin.