Cleanliness Epilogue

by ablue

The sutures came out today! The nurse said the wound had healed great and the lump was completely benign, so that was great news. 😀 And I can take showers again! My skin’s been itching like mad.

Lately I’ve been eating blue corn chips with sour cream as a snack, and the other night I ate about three times what I usually do. Mistake. Half an hour later my face was burning and red, and my arms erupted in a few fluid filled bumps. More importantly my skin was aching, all over, as though it was bruised from the inside. I have to admit, it hurt so badly I cried a bit, and scratched more, and then had some ice cream and a few glasses of water. The dairy calmed my skin and the water was to help the reaction go away faster. My mom hesitantly offered “I know you didn’t like me giving it to you every night when you were little, but would some Benadryl help?” which was sweet of her. I skipped the little purple pills though since I needed to stay up late doing chores.

Moral of the Story: apparently I can eat small portions of corn but can’t get zealous. And I won’t be eating them every day anymore either.