Puraderm Review

by ablue

Through someone’s blog (tragically I can’t remember who and I can’t seem to find the original post) I read about Puraderm products. I ordered the $5 set of samples which includes small bottles Hair and Body, Laundry and a little tub of Skin Sealer. The products have no dyes, fragrances, … and really truly leave no residue.

Last week I tested the Hair and Body on my feet and they didn’t react at all! It was very impressive. Last night I tried it on my arms and no reaction there either. Soon I’ll try it on the ultimate spot; my scalp. I’m hoping that it’ll be equally painless and effective there as well 🙂

For the small size of the bottle the Hair and Body is going far, a tiny bit of it cleanses completely. I haven’t tried the Laundry yet, since I keep forgetting, and I won’t be using the Skin Sealer as three of it’s four ingredients will give me a contact reaction.