by ablue

Four days ago I had a minor surgery – just a lipoma removal – so now I have a 4″ row of stitches on my lower back. The doctor told me quite definitely that I’m not allowed to get them wet and that I need to take sponge baths until they’re removed on the 26th. Sponge baths are hard for me because the water is touching me longer, so the rash I have afterward is much worse than if I take my regular 5-10 minute shower. I have showers down to a system now so that I stand out of the water and spread the Cetaphil on my skin. Then I step under the water and rub it off immediately with the palms of my hands, fingers spread out and stretched back, so that I can’t scratch. Using a sponge for this instead, and being only able to do small patches of skin at a time rather hurts, so I tried to come up with a compromise.

This is where my insanity shows! I took some Glad Press n Seal wrap and covered the stitches with it, then covered the edges with scotch tape. I got in the shower and washed my hair while keeping only my head under the water, but the plastic dressing still got a little wet. The stitches underneath were dry but after that I turned off the shower. I tried using my Cetaphil for the ‘sponge bath’ portion but it took too long to get off and I started breaking out. I grabbed the little bottle of Puraderm Hair and Body and dabbed that on and washed it off with a wet paper towel. That worked much faster. I haven’t used it on so much of my skin before (all of my torso) so this was a good test. So far except for the prickles from water contact my skin feels fine though 🙂 Any dirt, residue and odor are gone – pretty neat really.

Also, my fingers were developing those lovely little fluid filled blisters so I picked up my wool knitting again. I finished a capelet last week and started my first shawl today. I’m not sure if it’s the friction, lanolin in the wool, or what, but it seems to help the skin on my fingers. And since my hands are so occupied I scratch less.