Heaven in the Rain and Wool

by ablue

It’s begun to rain! Not torrential like we usually get, and not every day, but it means that winter is coming. Winter is like a 4 month skin vacation for me. All the wonderful cold moisture in the air keeps my skin hydrated and calm, even though it never clears up completely. There’s a creek near my bedroom window which also helps a lot since I can leave my window open a crack and the cold damp air will come in and hit my face at night. Also I simply love the rain, watching it, walking in it, it’s my favorite season. And you suddenly get to wear wool sweaters, capelets, hats, gloves, scarfs… did I mention I’m a knitter? I can only use wool, cotton, and alpaca fiber for the most part though. When I knit with acrylic it takes the moisture out of my fingers and they end up bleeding. Wool tends to help the skin on my hands because of it’s texture. The practical qualities of wool also make it a favorite of mine; it stays warm even when wet, because of the elasticity of the fiber uneven stitches ‘fix’ themselves, it wears beautifully, and lasts for decades. Alpaca feels good on my fingers as well but has so little elastic that it takes more concentration to knit on a smaller gauge (the number of stitches in a 4″/10cm area). Cotton is great of course except that it gets heavier when you make anything even remotely large of out of, and has no elasticity at all. I keep going on the elasticity factor because when you knit a garment you want it to have give, and really the more it has the better. Sorry for rambling, I used to work in a yarn store and spent all day talking about these things.