Nothing Special

by ablue

Ironically, since I started this blog, and working on the host of pages I’ll be adding, I’ve been breaking out a little more. I think it’s because normally I go through every day trying to ignore why my lifestyle is high maintenance and why I’m always self conscious. But since I’ve been working on these eczema pieces I can’t ignore those things, I have to let the ideas percolate for an hour or two and then sit down and compress them into words. Sitting down and consciously thinking about every aspect of an eczema ridden life is really depressing. The current skin situation is…

Even though I’m allergic to tomatoes, there’s this one black bean soup with tomato broth that I eat a lot. It’s yummy and filling and only makes my lips break out. Besides those being swollen, the blisters that erupt with clear fluid are on the soles of my feet as usual. For some reason my chin has been breaking out in little raised and stinging bumps the last couple days. Oh – and, uh, I’ve been bad about my scalp. It’s absolutely covered in wounds right now and I’m having a hard time not picking at it. Especially since in some weird way the picking is soothing. I always feel strange for admitting that but it’s true.